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Resolution for 2017

Coming up with New Year’s resolutions is something I really like to do. However accomplishing them is a different thing. I made 10 resolutions last year and only 3 of them I fully complete. I must say I have forgotten few of them because they were too many (that’s the explanation I tell myself…).
This year I have decided to write down only three. They are more general and contain more activities inside them. So there is higher per-cent of probability I will complete all of them. It is said that when you share them with someone it is more motivational. So here are my three resolutions for 2017:
1. Stress less
2. Practice gratitude
3. Do more what makes you happy
Last year I have written what I do to make my goals be more realistic to accomplish (New Year’s Resolution). This year I want to show you S.M.A.R.T. method. This one is very helpful not only when I am writing my resolutions but also when I set my goals. This method is very easy. It is an acronym:
S – specific – your goal have to be specified. It cannot be too general.
M – measurable – you should be able to measure it to see your progress.
A – achievable – it should be something that can be done by you and it can be done by anyone.
R – realistic – let’s be honest with yourself and don’t say you will run the marathon in two months time when for five years you were doing completely nothing at all.
T – time-bound – set a date by when you want to do it.
In this method you can add two more letters if you want.
E – exciting – your goal should be interesting for you and emotionally attractive
R – recorded – write it down (and pin somewhere you can see it)
I hope this method will help you to make your resolutions more appealing to accomplish. I am using this for couple of months now and I am really satisfied with the outcome. If I do not fulfil something, well, it is because I procrastinate too much.

Let me know did it work for you. What do you think of it and what are your New Year’s resolutions for 2017?

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