My blogging in 2016

2016 was a crazy year for me. A lot of ups and, even more, downs. I lack motivation so many times and wanted to lie in my bed for days. But I also had so many great moments I am grateful for. Overall, it wasn’t my best year. It wasn’t terrible but definitely I had better ones.
Today I want to sum up my blogging year. Blogging is really making me feel happy. I had days when I did not feel like writing anything because I thought no matter what I would write it would be horrible to read. So I was not creating anything for days. And after that I had days when I thought ‘hey, this is something that makes you happy, why are you giving up so easily?’ It was a time I was planning my posts in advance and writing them and taking a lot of photos. So if I had to sum up my 2016 blogging I will give myself a solid B. It wasn’t perfect but I tried really hard, especially when I was feeling bad. 
Here are my 5 top posts that have the most views in 2016: