November 2016 || Favourites

November is a month when I always feel really sad and my motivation is dead. Days are getting shorter. The weather is terrible and there isn’t festive Christmas mood yet (of course it did not stop me to watch few Christmas movies). While I was feeling not so well I had these things to cheer me up a little.
Pokemon Go and Dragon City
These two mobile phone games made my days more interesting. I found that the first one is improved and I feel in love with it again. New pokemons are easier to find and catch now what is satisfying. The second game surprised me because I uploaded it on my phone again after a really long time and my progress was saved. I had all the dragons I hatched before. My days were filled by these two games.
Dermedic HydraIn 2
Recently I have written a whole post why I think it is a good cream (link). My skin is thankful for this one, especially during the cold days of November.
EOS lip balm
I do not remember when I bought it but I think it will never end. The packaging is beautiful, the smell is amazing and the quality is great. I developed the habit of applying it as often as I possibly can. This year I still did not have any problems with my lips yet (touching wood).
Chanel Inimitable Mascara
I love Chanel’s mascaras. This one is beautifully looking. My eye lashes look really natural and elegant. One application is enough but if I feel like I need another one I can apply it without any problem. My lashes are separated and not glues together. It makes my lashes longer and darker.
What are your favourites of November?

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