Dermedic HydraIn 2 Review || Beauty

I have been a fan of Dermedic creams for a couple of months now. Today I want to tell you something about HydraIn 2.

This one’s consistency is creamy and a bit greasy. I must say I quite cannot decide whether I like it or not. My skin absorbs it really quickly and leaves the feeling of being  hydrated and fresh. But because it is a bit greasy it makes my face shine for some time. When I go to sleep it does not matter. When I apply it in the morning I use my powder, so anyway it is not a huge problem for me.


I am using Dermedic HydaIn 2 for three weeks or so. Am I in need of another one? Not yet. I am positively surprised by how long it lasts. I thought I will be almost done with this one by now.

My skin is really in better condition. I will recommend it to anyone with dry or combination skin type. What do you think about this Dermedic cream? Do you like it or not really? What’s your favourite cream to use? Let me know in the comments below.

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