Mr Ignoramus || Story

The world is a strange place to be living at. It can be beautifully depressing or sadly ravishing. This time it was annoyingly anticlimactic to everything I have ever believed in.

Some buildings stand for higher education. People who work there are carrying the torch of enlightenment. And somehow here he is. Among all those clever ones the only one different. I am listening but cannot handle. The more words are falling out from his mouth, the more I am getting furious. I feel every single nerve in my body. Blood in veins is popping faster than ever. I am about to explode and tell him everything that needs to be said. This goofy smile will disappear. And suddenly he did something unexpected.

He left. In silence. Just like that.

All I am left with is a shadow of how low his mind was comparing to the status of the building I am in. And sadly he’ll never know it.

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