First impressions || The Cat and The Dog

‘Richard is so nice to me today. The poor human thinks I am going to be nicer to him as well. Never going to happen! However his behaviour towards me is a bit bizarre. I wonder what have they done with K.? Who cares anyway? I hear the door. Retard looks at me weirdly. What the heck is going on here? Something’s different. I hear her steps and wait… what’s that? Something is making some strange noise. Oh no!!! K. what have you brought? Are you fucking kidding me? A dog?! I hate you! I hate you all!’ The Cat climbs on the highest shelf.

’I am a lucky doggy. The only person who made me the happiest dog on the plant is walking next to me. She is perfect. The moment I saw her I fell in love. I see a fence and suddenly we stand in front of a door. Right now this door will be mine forever. I hope. We enter. Oh my! What a beautiful house. I go further and here is someone else. He calls my lady Katy. What a marvelous name! He is Richard and I love him already. And who’s this lovely, fluffy creature?  It’s a cat lady. I love her. Hello Cat what’s your name? I do not have any yet but I hope soon I will get one. But what are you doing? Why are you running away from me? Cat? Cat! Please stay!’ The Dog sits down confused.

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