How I organize my week? || Lifestyle

Firstly, I would like to apologize you for my absence. I was ill. I have to say I still feel a bit sick. I wasn’t able to think straight, not saying about writing anything. I guess this is the time of the year when everyone catch cold or are being ill. People cough, have runny noses and one thing they do not do is cover their mouth when they’re sneezing.
It is a brand new month and we have Sunday today. I want to share with you my every week Sunday organizing routine for upcoming days. I do it for half a year now and it is working perfectly. If not on today evening I would do it Monday morning. To be honest I prefer it on Sunday with a cup of tea. 
Write everything down
With this step I write all my to-do things down. Things I have to do, things I want to do, things I want to change etc. I try to make them very precise so I know exactly what I meant if I look at them in couple of days time. 
Select and organize
I like to look at my list and try to make groups of tasks. For example the ones for home, for health, sports or for university. When I have them grouped it is easier for me to see in which area I have the most to do. 
This step is really hard for me. I want to do all the things in upcoming week and I do not think I will not have enough time for them. To be honest I won’t have time for all of them. I pick some of them and the rest is put on the additional list. It means if I accomplished my main list then I will be able to start doing things I did not plan for this week but I would have to do them eventually. 
Implant in time
Some of the things do not have to be planned, but some must be. Especially those which will take more time. I open my calendar and see at which days I have nothing to do after my uni. I organize my week with the things I picked for my seven days and set a time for them. For example, learning English – 1hour on Tuesday.
Additional list
I write all the things I did not plan on doing in upcoming week but also those I come up with and do not have to do them immediately. I start to do things from this list when my main list is over.
Be elastic and modify
It means if something new appears and you cannot do the things you planned, don’t be sad or mad at yourself. You need to modify your list a little. What I learnt about life is that it can be unpredictable and I must stay elastic if I want to survive. If something does not go as I want it to be I modify my whole week. 
I always try to achieve my goals but sometimes it feels like it is impossible. I do not give up and this list make me stay focus. Especially when I do not feel like doing anything else but watching TV. I hope it will help or inspire you to organize your week. Let me know in the comments below what do you do to organize your week? Or do you plan your week ahead or just go with the flow?

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