Cleaning and organizing my wardrobe || Lifestyle

October is a month when I start my university. This year is my final and the one I was moving to dormitory. I had to pack everything and these few days were really busy. It is why I did not post anything on Sunday.

In this post, as you may already read in title, I want to share with you how I clean, change and organize my wardrobe. It is something I always do twice a year. First one is for Autumn and Winter and the second one is for Spring and Summer.

Before I even open my wardrobe I like to prepare my room for it. I clean the whole area and make my bed. I do not like to pull my cloths out when it is not 100% clean around. I also bring my seasonal clothes from attic. I keep them in these huge and see-through plastic boxes.

After I open my wardrobe I take out clothes shelf by shelf. I make a pile of clothes which will stay for the next months. The pile of clothes to give away and the pile of clothes to put in boxes for the next year. I do not remember when was the last time I had nothing to give away. I always have something I did not wear and I will not need anymore. This part is the hardest for me. I am a person who attach to things easily. Especially the ones which remind me of happy moments. If I cannot make a decision whether to keep them or give away I make fourth pile. This one stays for next week to make a final decision. If I do not think about these clothes it very often means I do not need them and will not wear. So why not make anyone else happy to have them?

When all the decisions are made and clothes for the next summer or winter season are put in the boxes, it is time for cleaning my wardrobe shelves from dust and put everything back in. From time to time I like to change how I organize my clothes. I always keep them sorted by what they are, for example t-shirts with t-shirts and not with sweaters.

Cleaning my wardrobe and organizing it again is something that makes me happy. I can see what clothes I really need to buy and which ones I can give away.

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