September 2016 || Favourites

September flew away so fast. It was like a blink to me. But as the month is ending it is a perfect time to share with you what I loved. I have only three things that I absolutely was crazy about.
Rimmel London 60 Seconds, 873 Breakfast in Bed.
I must say I wore this nail polish the whole month. This colour is really calm and looks beautiful on nails. Also the quality of Rimmel’s nail polishes is really great.
Tołpa, green, nutrition.
This hand cream is perfect for days like these. It absorbs really quickly and leaves hands really soft. The smell is not bad, I kind of like it. It has honey, blackcurrant and shea butter in it. The only disadvantage is that for a moment your hands are a bit greasy. But I do not find it a huge problem.
Rossmann, Babydream, cotton pads.
They are huge and soft. Washing my make up off with these is amazing. My skin condition is much better since I have started to use these. I cut them in half because they are really big. They feel amazing on skin and they have these cute bears printed in white on them.
So these are my favourites of September. Let me know in the comments below what are yours favourites of this month?

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