Jail || The Cat and The Dog

‘400 days. And it feels like 1000 days behind these bars. I am so unhappy here and so lonely. I had a friend but he got out a week ago. And now I am left here with others but none of them is so close to me. I wish someone paid for me. I tried to escape but they caught me and since then I am screwed. They put me in the last cell at the very end so every time they come to pick few of us I am never chosen. The door opens and I see Marie, the picking girl, and Brandon, the worst jailer ever. I hate him, he always beats me. I do not know why they take five of us but I know after 20 minutes only four come back. It is said the fifth is free to go. Farewell Stevie, Kyle, Heather, Muse and Dylan. One of you will be the lucky one. It is so sad here in this place. Everyone is waiting to see who will come back. I look at Luke and suddenly I realize he will never leave this place. He told me he was young when he got here and his family did not want to pay for him. But he kept waiting and never lost hope that he will be free again. I guess Luke had some anger issues. After 10 minutes all five come back. Something’s different. I see Marie and Brandon and someone else is behind them. It is some young lady. I do not know what is happening but in one second I hear screams so I join in. I yell really loudly. Only if she could hear me. I am hitting the bars. Everyone are doing the same. She is looking around and still moving down the corridor. I yell. Pick me, pick me! I hear my opponents are doing the same. I have tears in my eyes. This is my only chance to be free. I hit the bars so strong that they moved a little. Pick me! Pick me! Yes, she sees me. She is pointing her finger at me. Is that true? Am I the picked one, the lucky one? I yell again. Marie tells something to Brandon and he approach my cell with red collar and leash. Yes, I am the lucky one. I am the lucky one! I am so happy that I start to jump. He leads me through the exit door where Marie and my lady waits for me in silence. I love her already.’ The happy dog jumps on Katy while Marie gives her the leash.

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