Time for hunt || The Cat and The Dog

‘I want to eat! I really want to eat! I am so hungry! Yet no one is looking at me. No one cares. I try to yell louder. I see she looks at me so I move myself to another room. Katy is walking behind me. I stop right opposite my bowl, sit and meow really loudly. I am so happy because in few seconds I will be eating something really great. K. is giving something to my bowl. Oh My God! This smells amazingly…terrible. What is that?! Are you kidding me Katy?! Chicken?! I am not in mood for chicken. She walks away. No, no, no, stay! Crap, she’s gone. What to do now? I am not going to eat that but I have to eat something. Do I smell fish from the kitchen? It is time for some hunt.’ The Cat ran fast to kitchen.

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