Back to school – The pencil || Story

In 6th grade I have written a story for my exams. I want to share with you with this story. I have changed few things, translate it into English and corrected grammar mistakes. But whole story from the beginning to very end is what I came up with.
*  *  *

Tom knew the school year was about to start. He thought of all those kids having everything and suddenly he wanted to have something no one has. The only things he could afford were in thrift shop so he decided to pay a visit to one of those. Tom chose the one very far from were he lives. Nothing inside was outstanding or breathe-taking but right before leaving he noticed a jar full of pencils. ‘This is odd’ said Tom while approaching them. All were white but one, which had three skulls on it.
‘How can I help you?’ boy jumped scared when an old lady appeared next to him.
Few days later at school during the break one of the students stayed in the classroom. It was Bob, he envied Tom’s new pencil. He was in every shop but still couldn’t find another one with skulls on it. He decided to steal it and then if Tom said anything he would beat him because that’s what real men do.
Tom was really upset when he realized the pencil is no longer in his pencil case. When leaving the school, the other boy approached him and showed his new pencil. But what could be done? Bob was bigger and stronger, but suddenly he tripped and fell off the stairs throwing the pencil in the air. The boy was taken to the hospital.

On the next day Tom was informed Bob died. When unpacking in the classroom he noticed another skull. From this day on Tom knew it was not another ordinary pencil.

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