Back to school: my memories from primary school || Diary

I want to write few ‘back to school’ posts. The Fall is almost here and everyone around the world will start school or they’ve just started it.

I want to share with you what shool was like when I was little. Now I am at university (this is my final year) and I like to get back in my memories to those time when all I really was worried about was what to wear on the next day. I miss those times.

I was living in a small town and I really loved it. Everyone knew each other and I do not remember anyone being bullied. We all were playing and doing our homework together. I remember liking almost everyone and having those friendships we swore would never break. Guess what? They did.

Primary school was a time to play. I had so many friends and so little homework. But still I loved to learn. I had a lot of stationary and still I love it. All notebooks, cryons, pencils etc. were something I collected and I do not remeber using all of them. Some of yhese things I gave away because I had too many and weren’t using them.

I think world back then was simpler and people did not hate each other so much. Maybe it was because The Internet wasn’t so popular and my generation loved spending time outdoors. Or maybe I was lucky and living in small town let me miss all the bad things. Anyway I loved primary school, learning and exploring world.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about your time spent in primary school?

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