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I remember when I sunburnt my skin and since then I use SPF 50. My skin is really bright and I do not have any problem with it. But sometimes I think it can have a little more colour than just almost white tone. Especially in the summer when I wear dresses my legs looks a bit terrifying. I tried few other bronzers for body but all made my skin a lot darker what looked unnatural.
Before buying Hoola I made a research about different bronzers and finally decided to try this one. I have been testing Benefit Hoola for the last two weeks. I am pretty much satisfied with it. I think it is time to give my opinion about it.
Let’s talk about the looks, because this bronzer looks really cute. I really like it. It has this little sponge to apply it with. I do not think that the application is easier because of it. I found it quite difficult because sometimes it left a little smudge that was hard to rub.
The consistency is great. I like that it is not that much creamy yet it is not much watery. It is just perfect. It dries fully within 10 min. It is not gluey and do not leave any marks on clothes.
My skin looks like as if I have been sunbathing for a while but not too much. It gives me this golden and bronze tone that look naturally.

Hoola should last up to 12 hours at least that what Benefit says. I have been wearing it for a whole day. When it comes to washing it off it is very easy. One shower and the bronzer disappears without leaving any marks or smudges.
I would recommend it to all people who have really bright skin and sometimes wish to add a little colour to it. Without being afraid that it will look ridiculous.
What do you think about this bronzer? And what other bronzers for body would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

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