The King || The Cat and The Dog

‘Why are they yelling so much? I open my eyes and see Katy and Richard standing opposite each other. K. is furious because this Retard broke her favourite mug. The one she got from her loving, now dead granddad. Even I know this mug is labelled NOT-TO-TOUCH! Oh no! She started to cry. I hate it because she always wants to hug me. I’d better sneak out before she realizes I am not sleeping. I slipped out between them and they did not see me. I am like a ninja. Where to go now? Living room is the place where I will carry on with my afternoon nap. I lay down on the sofa right in the sun. I love warm places to sleep. I hear they are screaming again. They both should be more like me and chill more often. Those things do not even matter when it comes to living. I guess those peasants argue only because it is their meaning of life or something like that. He just told her I am more important than he is. Of course I am. I am The King here. But did she say it is not true? Oh well I will prove her wrong later on. What to put on my to-do list for today? Hmmm… Puke on a new carpet. Perfect.’ The Cat starts to purr while falling asleep.

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