July 2016 || Favourites

The end of July is here and I want to share with you my favourites of this month. Let’s get started.
Original Source shower gels. I am in love with them. The smell is amazing. I love to take shower with them.
Smart Girls Get More Shimmer, Bronzing powder in 102 Glitter. I was talking a lot about this bronzing powder recently. And I must say I was using it all through this month. I will probably use it in next month too. It gives a little definition to my face but not too much. It also gives this natural glow and the smell is just incredible.
Ingrid, Beauty Innovation Shimmer Powder. It is big and has a very cute design. It is made in the shape of rose. It gives a little shimmer to my face and looks very natural. I guess I have already mentioned it in one of my previous posts that for me it is too big. I probably will not use it all until the expiration date and it will be such a waste.
KOBO, Matte Liquid lipstick in 405 passiflora tea. I love this colour. It is so easy to apply and stays really long on the lips. It is said to be matte, to be honest it is not. It is a bit shiny. It is not a big problem for me because it feels like velvet on the lips. It is really nice feeling.
Misslyn, Velvet Matte lip cream in 136 bohemian. This lip cream is fully matte. It stays really long on the lips. The colour is amazing.
Pokemon Go.Well, the whole world got crazy about it and so did I. I remember watching Pokemons on the TV and I am really happy this game is out. I must say I discover new beautiful places in my city by just walking around and looking for pokemons.

So here are my favourites. Do you have anything you loved over July? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to click the like button if you enjoyed this post.

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