Summer Beauty Haul || Beauty

Through June and July I have been shopping a little. A lot of sales tempted me and now I have a summer beauty haul for you. Some of the things I have already used and some of them are still brand new.

BENEFIT Hoola, body bronzer I heard a lot about it. I am not person who like sunbathing but this year I thought why not give my skin a little bronze tone. I did not now which one to pick but I heard only good things about Benefit’s Hoola that I wanted to try this one.
OGX hydrating + macadamia oil. OGX thick & full + biotin & collagen shampoo I love the packaging. I have to admit it was one of the reasons why I decided to try them. I still haven’t used any of these because mine old is half way the bottle.

BIELENDA, Creamy serum for body. I read a lot of about seaweed and its ability to improve almost everything. My skin is dry very quick and I have to take a little more care of it throughout the year. I like to change the creams I use and now I will be testing this one. I must say I cannot wait. I hope it will not disappoint me.

Smart girls get more shimmer, bronzing powder, 102 glitter. This summer I am all about bronze and shimmer. I like this bronzing powder because it does not make my face look orange. It gives a little bit of this shimmer and bronze at once. I often put it on my matt bronzer from KOBO. If I want to look a little more like I haven’t done anything with my face but still want to look fresh I put this bronzer on. It makes my face shimmer a little in the sun and I think I look beautiful.
Essence, All about matt! fixing compact powder This is something new to my cosmetic collection. I still cannot say if I like it or not. I think it will be the last thing I will put on my face so it stays. But also it will be something I will take with me to a restaurant or party to powder my nose a little when I would feel like my skin is shining.
Ingrid, Beauty innovation shimmer powder As I said the summer is all about bronze and shimmer. This shimmer powder is just perfect. I like to apply it a little higher on my cheekbones. It looks so natural on my face I can hardly believe it. I was so sceptical about it but now I am in love. Also I like the look of it because it is in a shape of rose. However I like this big packaging, I think it is too big so I will probably not use all of it, which is a bit upsetting.

Essence lip liners, 08 red blush, 07 cute pink, 14 femme fatale. These are the lipliners I love. I have been looking for the perfect ones and I think I found them. They stay almost a whole day on the lips. The colours are beautiful. If I do not feel like using any lipstick I apply lip balm on my mouth and then one of these lipliners. They aren’t too soft but also not too hard. And the price is pretty low.
Rimmel, Oh My Gloss, 520 Rebel-red lip-gloss. I had it on me only two times and well, it is not something I was expecting. It is patchy when I apply it. I think it will be better if I put some lipstick first in the same colour and then this lip-gloss.
Essence, Circus, circus, lip lacquer, 02 My Glammy Acrobat. I was tempted to buy it because of the colour. I still haven’t had it on my lips but I opened it and the smell is…wow. It smells of something sweet like some fruit. I would say a little bit of raspberry.

Rimmel, Extra Super Lash mascara, lash building mascara. I like the shape of a brush but it is too soft for me. I have a problem with applying it. And it definitely is not building mascara. The first layer is quite good, especially on the days when I want to look as much natural as possible. It is just gives my lashes a little colour and natural look. But the second layer clump together my lashes and it is very hard to separate them with this brush.
Catrice, Eye Brow Stylist, 030 Brow-n-Eyed Peas. This pencil is good but not the best. I like the colour and that it makes my eyebrows look really natural. At the same time it is so easy to wipe it off my face I cannot believe it.  

Labo Beauty Hand, handcream. I will not like with this one I bought it because of the packaging. It is hard to squeeze the cream out of it. But the hand cream is amazing. I do not need a lot to cover my whole palms. It is very watery which for me is a huge plus.
Prreti: Refreshing Lemon Pads. Since I bought them I have no time to finally use them but I guess I will make myself a pamper session this weekend. So I will let you know what I think of them on my twitter.

Sally Hensen, complete salon manicure, 672 Jaded. Rimmel, Rita Ora, 400 Tangerine Tent. WIBO, summer manicure, 09. I wouldn’t be fully myself if I did not buy any nail polish. These colours enchanted me and I had to have them.
I hope you like it. If you do please let me know by clicking ‘interesting’, ‘boring’ or ‘helpful’ down below. Also what do you think of these products and did you buy anything recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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