My Holiday || Diary

Hello everyone, 
I am back from my holiday. I have to say I am full of energy and motivation. This post will be less writing and more photos. I hope you will like it.

I was in Rzeszow. It is such a beautiful city. I was walking everywhere I could with my boyfriend and sister. Well yes, we also were playing The Pokemon Go but also sightseeing.

Rzeszow wasn’t the only city we’ve been in. We stayed there for couple of days but were driving around the place nearby. We visited Solina and Castle Museum in Łańcut. Both places were wonderful. I like travelling and seeing new places. Mostly we were just walking and were not being in rush. But most fun I had at Trolleys in Uherce Mineralne. We were sitting in trolleys and had to ride for 24km. First 2,5 km were uphill, then 9,5 km were downhill. At the 12th km we changed our course back and had to ride 9,5 km uphill and 2,5 downhill. I was thanking God it wasn’t warm or sunny day. But the view was fantastic. At the very last day we visited antique building museun in Markowa. But to be honest I am not a big fun of those. Anyway I had a great time spent with my boyfriend and family. 

Where did you go on holiday? Let me know in the comment below.

P.S. Next post will be in two days time. Over July and August I will try to post every two days.

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