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Yesterday evening I was on a wedding and it was fantastic. I danced a lot and in general I had so much fun. But the day after a party is always the hard one. Especially if you drink some alcohol like I do. Here are some things I do not to feel so much hangover.
Before even getting to bed I like to drink a glass or two of water. I always wash off my makeup. It is something that all women should remember about. There is nothing worse than waking up hangover with mascara and lipstick all over your face and pillow.  
First thing I like to do after waking up is going to the kitchen and preparing some water with lemons for myself. This whole day is all about hydrating my organism. After that, I am getting back to my bed and watch some movies. When I am finally feeling well enough I get up and I like to take a shower. The water cannot be too hot because then I feel dizzy. I like to use some scrub for body and face and then put some moisturizer. I am always washing my hair so when I get out of bathroom I feel fresh and new.
About midday I eat my first meal and that is something light and small. I do not want to visit a toilet. Late afternoon I eat normal dinner. For the whole day I stay away from eating things too sweet and much sugary.
Sometimes I work out in the evening and then take a quick shower. It depends on how well I feel.

The whole day is all about hydrating my body and just relaxing. How do you spend your day after a party? Let me know in the comments below. 

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