Being a man for one day || Thoughts

What kind of man I would be for just one day? I could say I would be a person I am today but only as a man. But that wouldn’t be true. I do not want to be a feminist in male body. That wouldn’t be fun.
I would be a man who is polite to women and listens to them but never do as they say. I would hardly ever ask for their opinion. But I would be a loving man. My one and only would be everything to me but it would be me as a head of the family. I would be a protector of my family and the people I love.
I would hardly trust anyone because I know many would want to see me fail.
I would be a boss. I would be ruthless and always have people to do things for me. I would use my authority, yet I would not overuse it. I would respect other people until they stopped respecting me. I would destroy every single one who would like to impair me.
I would go on a party; party hard, get drunk and the only thing I would be worried about is a hangover after.
I would be a man who does things and people would not tell me I shouldn’t do them or they are not for me. I would be a man who smokes cigars and attempt to the gentleman club. I actually would be an owner of this club. Every week on Mondays, me and few other lucky men would meet and discuss politic, business and few others things. Of course, we would joke about women who think they can do politics or just be as men are.
For a day I would try to do all the things men do and the things only they understand. I would be a man who respects others, but also who has power to destroy people. I would like to see how it feels when no one tells you what to do or does not ask stupid questions. How it feels to not be objectified for a day.
This is a man I would be for only one day. After that maybe I would understand why not all men want to be equal with women.
If you had a chance to be a man or woman for a day, what kind of man/woman would you be?

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