Life is simple || Story

Life is simple.

That’s what I told myself waking up today. I looked at the face next to mine and I felt nothing but happiness inside my little heart. The sun was raising up slowly while I watched my love sleeping. Creepy, I know. But I couldn’t resist not to look.

I studied his body as if I had an exam to pass. I started with his big manly hands which are my favourite. I know these hands will never let me go easily. They will hold me when all I will want to do is fall. 

Through his arms and chest which are muscled not too much but just perfect. I touched His skin and under my pads I felt his little hair he has all over the body. I thought once I would not be with a man with so much hair but look at me now. I wouldn’t change Him for a world. I put my whole palm down and immediately sensed the beating heart.

To His face which is the most handsome face in the universe. For me of course. I combed His hair and He turned away.

At 5am everything seemed so calm and beautiful. I love this hour however I hardly ever get a chance to watch the world at that time. I glanced at Him again. He was so fragile. In that moment I realized how much I love Him.

I hugged Him and got back to sleep. He woke me up few hours later with a kiss.

Life is simple.

As I was saying it was in the morning. After whole day at 9pm Life is no longer simple.

Life is a bitch.

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