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On the previous long weekend I had (Monday and Tuesday was free) I realized I am grateful for some people in my life. This post I want to tell you who I love and why, and who I would never erase from my life.

I know this may sound a bit ordinary because we all should love our parents and be thankful for anything we receive from them. But I personally think it is not true. I hear so many stories about families where parents are the bad ones that I started to think I was born lucky. Lucky because my parents never stop believing  in me or in anything I was doing. They still support me. I receive so much love from them that sometimes I wonder where it all comes from. I am grateful because I and my parents are good friends. They taught me to love myself and never be afraid of showing who I am. I used to have pink hair and even then they were proud of who I was. This gave me so much strength. I know that no matter what I do to improve myself as a person they are always on my side.

I am a middle child. Having siblings is almost like living next to different countries and trying to stay in peaceful relationships. This was hard at times. I learnt how not to be selfish and that sometimes giving up is better than wining. They are my best friends. I love them and I try my best to be there when they need me. Sometimes it is difficult to listen and not be judgmental. We are family and family should support one another and help each other.

I need to say I wasn’t in long relationship before. This is the first and I see why it never worked with other boys. Because I was waiting for The Prince (or The Perfect Man as you prefer) and I finally found one. Trust me, they are hard to find nowadays but I never gave up on looking. My boyfriend supports me with everything. He  knows all my flaws and demons I have. However he still loves me. We got on well so fast and still didn’t bore one another. He is the person I can talk with and be silent with.

I am not writing about friends because I had few in my life. And the ones I thought would stay with me left when I needed them the most. I love those I have now and they are important but not as much as those above. I learnt to live without friends. Now it is hard for me to grow attached to anyone when I know they can leave anytime they want.

Those are the people who mean a lot in my life. I am curious who is important in your life and why?


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