Spring everyday makeup || Beauty

The weather is getting warmer and the days are longer. The spring is finally here. Those are the reasons why I do not  spend much time in front of the mirror doing my makeup (if I am not going anywhere special). I want to share with you my every day makeup I have been wearing  a lot recently.
Firstly as a primer I use my DERMEDIC HYDRAIN3 HIALURO cream-gel. I am not a big fan of any fundation. Maybe I haven’t found the perfect one for me yet. After that I apply CATRICE  LIQUID CAMOUFLAGE concealer under my eyes and on the red spots. As I was already saying (March beauty haul) it stays all day long. Next I move to drawing my brows. I use shadows from CATRICE EYEBROW SET. They are two perfect colours which do not smudge easily. After that I apply my mascara which is MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL. I love it. My lashes are longer , thicker and darker.
My upper side of face is done so I move to contouring. This year I started to use bronzer. For a long time I couldn’t decide which one to buy as my first. But finally I picked KOBO and I am not disappointed. I use the one in shade Nubian Desert. It is matte and looks very natural. I am still loking for something to highlight my face. After that I put my blush BEAUTY UK in the shade Candy Shop. It is really pretty and I think it looks cute on my cheeks. Also it has those little things which makes my face look lighter and fresh.
At the end I apply my powder and lipstick. For the powder I use CATRICE ALL MATT PLUS in transparent. I have to say I am very happy with it. My skin does not shine and the price is not bad. For the lipstick I use GOLDEN ROSE in colour pink (09). I still love it as I said before (March favourites). This pink is totally my colour and because it is very matte it stays really long on the lips.

This is my makeup I use a lot recently. What is your everyday make up for spring?

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