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Harper's bazaar

I have to admit that I read a lot of magazines. I just simply love it. I have these periods when I buy only one kind of magazines, for example only with cars or home decor. That’s how I do not get bored too fast.

But since forever, one topic is always present in my life. Fashion. I cannot lie that, like almost every woman, I am interested in fashion. When it comes to this type of magazines they have very similar content however each of them is unique. I wasn’t used to buying the same paper for more than few months so I was changing a lot in terms of which one to get. But for three years now each month I am buying one magazine I love. Polish edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

I remember seeing the advertisement for the first time and falling in love with the front page. It was in pastel pink. Maybe because it was an early spring this colour brightened the day and made me more positive so that’s why I bought it. Since then I am buying it each month. It looks as if I am addicted (might be) because I have every issue of the magazine. But I sometimes like to get back to old days and see what was talked about.

Content varies. There is a lot of fashion, beauty and culture news, but also interviews with artists: from the book writers trough the filmmakers to actors, painters etc.

Harper’s Bazaar is not the only one I buy but the only one I love.

What is your favourite magazine?

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