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I am not in a good mood recently. On the days when I do not feel well I like to remind myself of the things that can easily affect me positively. However it is often not as easy as it seems. I always try to do my best. Few months ago I started to do a list of things that improved my mood, which is very helpful. I want to share with you things that make me happy.
Long walks
Whether I walk alone or with someone, I like how good it feels to calm down for a bit. I love walking with my dog. He is one of the biggest happinesses in my life.
Giving gifts
Everyone likes to receive presents but I also like giving them to the people. Seeing a big smile on someone else’s face (if the gift is right) automatically makes me smile.
Doing small things for the loved ones
These things can easily make someone grateful and happy. I remember when my boyfriend couldn’t go to the library to get the book he needed because of his work. I went instead of him, and he didn’t have to stress about not being prepared for the lecture. That was the example, but it can be anything that is helpful to someone. These can also be simple things that make a person happy, like buying favourite chocolate with no reason or cooking something special for a dinner.
Having lazy days with my boyfriend
We do not spend much time together so when we both have a day off and do not have anything to be done, we just do nothing all day. We lay in bed watching movies, go for a walk, cook something. I love these days when we both can recharge our batteries.
Reading books or magazines
I think I do not have to explain myself here. The evening spent on reading a book or just flipping through the magazine is one of the good ones.
Since I was little I loved to sing. I think I have quite a good voice, at least no-one’s complaining. Whenever I can I sing. It really calms me down and suddenly the world is much more beautiful.

These were the things that I do when I feel sad for too long. What are the things that make you happy?

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