March 2016 || Favourites

Another month is coming to an end. March was one of those months when the weather got nicer and I could finally walk outside without getting cold. This month is not very beauty like but in my favourites there are other things and activities I loved to do. But I’ll start with cosmetics first.

I had the problem with a dry skin recently and I needed something that would hydrate and moisturize my skin but would not make it oily. I was reading a lot about different creams and I have finally picked this one. I am not disappointed. It is very efficient. I have been using it for the last three weeks and it looks as if I haven’t started it yet. I do not have to take much to apply on my whole face. The consistency is a bit watery but I like that. My skin is in much better condition now. I must add the smell is pleasant and delicate.

I love this pink colour as I said earlier in one of my posts (March beauty haul). It is very matte and I need to use some lip balm before applying it. But it stays for hours and hours. I also use two lip liners with it depending whether I want my lips more pinkish or soften pink. But I feel this is a lipstick I will be wearing a lot this spring.

Every single song on this record is just perfect. I am not a huge fan of Sia but I fell in love with this album. I am listening to it on repeat all month long and I still did not get bored. My favourite ones are ‘Reaper’ and ‘Space Between’. I recommend this record for everyone. It is very catchy. Her voice is amazing.

As I said, the weather got nicer so I am happy to go outside more often. My dog loves it too. He is just pure happiness to me. I like to move and I like spending time on the fresh air. It makes me calm, releases endorphins (I guess) and lowers my stress level to the very minimum.

I wasn’t a person who got so excited about this application at first. I created my account when my sister forced me to and I am very thankful to her for that. I started to use it more when I found out some of my friends got accounts and when I manage to make my boyfriend to use it too. Now we are addicted to it. We live in different cities so when we don’t see each other we can send pictures or short videos of what we do at the moment. I started to like Snapchat more when I found out all these funny filters it has. I admit I use it a lot recently and I just like it.

So here are my March favourites. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below (:

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