Valentine’s weekend || Diary

After a hard work at uni and passing all my exams I couldn’t wait for some free time. My brother was going for a Valentine’s trip with his girlfriend. He asked me and my boyfriend if we wanted to go with them. I will not lie that the location persuded me. I always wanted to see Polish sea in winter. I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day but I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

Baltic Sea
We arrived at the hotel around 3 pm and in the room we found fresh red roses, a bottle of red wine and a piece of cake. Well, we weren’t suprised much because we had it in the price. Still, it was very lovely and made me smile. We ate the cake quickly (it was delicious) and went for a walk. The weather was perfect because it wasn’t windy and rainy. It was very cloudy though.
The four of us split for a dinner. Me with my love went to a restaurant where we ate so much we couldn’t move. To be honest, we’ve chosen the restaurant run by one of the most famous chefs in Poland. There is nothing better than well prepared food which tastes so delicious you don’t want to stop eating. We got back to our hotel room and had an early night.

On Saturday, right after breakfast, all of us went for a very long walk. It took us 3 hours or so. We were heading for another city. I must say we were strolling at the beach but then we found a path hiding in the forrest right next to the coastline. It was very relaxing and for a moment sun appeared on the sky. For the rest of the day it was cloudy. When we got back from this walk we drunk a tea at the cafe on a quay.
In the evening we had a romantic dinner at the hotel restaurant. Five dishes beautifully served which were excellent in taste. I don’t know what more to say because when I think about it I am speechless.
On the last day we went to say goodbye to the sea and left. I already miss this time.

For me it was a weekend I needed to relax. Noone was expecting anything from me. I could go for as many walks as I wanted and as far as I handled. The sea has some magic I fully love. This magic makes me calm and recharges my life batteries.

How was your Valentine’s weekend?

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