The break up

I died.  

I am standing on the street in a pouring rain. I am watching his back until he is gone. For few seconds I hoped he would look back. Glance for the last time and see how shattered I am. Nothing like that happens. He is running away from rain. From me.  

I died for the second time.  

How come a person tells you they love you in the morning but in the afternoon they need to leave? I have an internal bleeding. I feel pain in my chest. My heart broke and it aches so much. Somehow I can breathe. Miracle? No. Just life.  

Right now I am standing in the rain feeling too much. I’ve started to cry over my deaths. Luckily, nobody can see my tears. The weather feels my agony so the sky is crying with me too. I am soaking wet. My body is shivering because of the cold. I want to leave this place but I cannot move. I have nowhere to go anyway.  

The world is getting more blurry. Memories are passing by in my head faster and faster. I wish he comes back and saves me. I want to grab my phone and call but I have no-one left.

I feel lonely. I am starting to realize my life is over. My knees bend and I am falling on the ground. I am choking with my own tears. I can hardly breathe. I am empty. I don’t feel a thing anymore.  

I am dead.


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