Movie repertoire on my day off || Lifestyle

I have those kind of days when I wake up and I know right away I will stay in bed for the rest of the day. I am always wearing a messy bun and some comfortable pajamas. I am making myself some tea or hot chocolate and mostly I am laying in bed watching movies. This is the day when my brain does not want to think much so in my movie repertoire there are a lot of films I have already watched thousand of times (so I can nap easily). Here are some of my favourites:

·      Pride and Prejudice (my favourite one)
·      Austenland
·      The Devil wears Prada
·      Leap Year
·     Confessions of a shopaholic
·      The Duff
·      Burlesque
·      Star Wars
·      The Hobbit
·      The Lord of the Rings
·     Harry Potter
·      Gossip Girl (all seasons)

I guess there are many more to add to my list, but these are my favourites. What is your movie repertoire to watch on your day off?