January 2016 || Favourites

January is ending and, honestly, it is always a very weird month to me. I felt like something new and super cool would happen but it didn’t. I had so much motivation to start over, to get rid of things/habits I didn’t like and to start improving myself. I have decided to pay more attention to stuff I liked over the month. So here are my favourites and discoveries of January (:

Colouring books

I fell in love with colouring. I know it is a bit late for that, everyone was super excited earlier. I was not so sure I’d like that and to be honest I thought it was a waste of time until one evening. I had a magazine where they posted a little picture to colour. I didn’t have anything else to do so I took a colour pencil and started colouring. Soon I couldn’t stop. And now I try to spend 15-30 minutes everyday. It actually makes me happy when I see the results.

Warm socks

What can I say. It is winter, I have cold feet and I love these warm, fluffy-inside socks so I try to make the best of them. I sleep with them on my feet almost every night. They have these non-slip granule so I can easily walk. Firstly I thought I would walk around the house in them but when I realized how warm and fluffy they are I destined them to ‘sleep only’. It was the best decision I have made.

White, Guerlain makeup bag

I used to have a really big makeup bag because I could never decide which cosmetics will travel with me. But since I got this white one I reduced my makeup to minimum. It made my life and travelling a lot easier. I love the look of it, white leather (I guess) front and back, and beige, leather triangles at the bottom. It feels so soft. I know it is only a makeup bag but I like it a lot.

EOS blueberry

lip balm

Christmas was the time when I loved red lips and January is a month where I love nudes on my lips. Unfortunately, I was having a runny nose a lot so I couldn’t put any lipstick on because in a minute I wiped it off with a tissue, a lot of tissues. I didn’t want my lips to be so ‘naked’ so I was using my lovely blueberry EOS. It smells amazing and moisturizes my lips very well. Also, my lips are looking as if I used some light lip gloss.

Drinking tea

I love tea, different flavours and kinds. There is nothing better than sitting on the sofa with a warm cup of tea in one hand and a good book in the other. That was my way to relax this month.

These were my favourite things and activites to do over January. What were your favourites this month?

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