How to overcome the procrastination? My little advice || Diary & Thoughts

how to overcome it

We all know what it means and how hard it is to overcome.

After long holidays (almost two weeks for me) I had to write some essays for my university. And let’s be honest laying on a couch with a cup of tea in my right hand and a remote control in the other one was a very nice perspective to spend my time. But the end of free days was coming. My deadlines were shouting at me. I had no motivation nor will to start doing anything. I kept repeating I still have enough time. The truth was I didn’t.

How I overcame my procrastination? It wasn’t easy. Here are some things that helped me. They work for me; maybe they will work for you too.

Turn off everything

Turn off your mobile phone, your Ipad or any device that could disturb you. I like to turn the volume down (instead of turning it off) and put it somewhere I cannot see it. So for the time I work, I am not interested in what is happening in social media. I am also not feeling the urge to answer text messages or to pick up the phone. I work in silence.


I love when my working place is tidy. So before I get to work I clean up my desk. I don’t like to have a mess around me. Unneeded things can absorb my attention, which causes my work to stop.


First of all, I am always full. I never get to work hungry because instead of working I start to imagine what to eat. Secondly, I like to have a bottle of water and some snacks around me. When I feel tired I refill my batteries with water and food and I do not even have to stop what I am doing.

Start doing it

I just sit down and start doing what I have to do. That’s the best what I can do. Even if I feel a bit tired at first, I don’t stop. When I finished my first essay I felt very happy and out of the sudden, I had the energy to do something more.


After every 30 minutes, I take 5-minute breaks. I stretch, make a little walk around my room and sit down again. Only five minutes.

Those are the things that help me with my procrastination. I also like to have a little notebook next to me, so when something hits my head (for example you have to vacuum right now) I just write it down for later.

That’s all.

What do you do to stop procrastinating?


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