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2016 resolutions

This time of the year is perfect to do a little summing all good and bad things up that happened over last year. I will focus on positives more because I am pretty happy about 2015. It started a bit dramatic but turned out to be quite great (:

I found love.

I realized if you want to change the world you have to start with yourself.

I became more organized.

I let go of people who had a bad influence on me.

I said goodbye for the last time to my beloved dog. I managed to overcome this crisis in my life.


2015 is coming to an end while 2016 is waiting. It is time for resolutions. I will not write mine because my list is not finished yet. Over years I have read a lot of rules/ advice how to make resolutions. And here are some I like the most.

Write everything.

This is stage one. Write down every single resolution or idea that comes to your mind. I like to write down what I want to achieve in general. It takes me few days to do that. I do not like to rush.


Every idea needs to be specified in steps that can be accomplished in real life. This stage is not easy for me. But it is very helpful. Instead of writing ‘I will be more healthy’, I write ‘I will drink 1,5l of water every day’, ‘I will exercise at least three times a week’. Make sure your steps are possible to make. And don’t be too harsh with your resolutions.


When I have all those steps specified I open my new calendar and try to determine some deadlines. Of course, there are things that will last all year. But also there are resolutions that you strive for. Once you achieve them you move on. I like to set one by one. If first is fulfilled I start another.

After these stages, I make myself a cup of tea. Sit down on a sofa. And I am very excited for a New Year to come.


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