Black hole

No sound can be heard in the woods. The full moon. It’s dark like in a tomb though. It feels like the world is expecting something great this night. Excitement mixed with fear. You never know if the new is good or evil.

But here I am. Standing on top of a big black hole. Waiting for something but not really knowing how long it will last. Pretending everything’s fine.

I know exactly what I should do but something keeps me standing still. I do realize where I’m going there isn’t probably an easy way out. If any.

I look up at the stars. They’re shining so bright. Tonight the world is perfect. I look back down again.


I tell myself I shouldn’t be that scared. I’ve been living with the darkness inside me for years. So why do I hesitate now?

I take a deep breath and jump. Soon I see no moon, no stars, nothing. I am just falling. Like Alice. To be honest I’d rather be jumping into the rabbit’s hole.


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